Following the release of her fourth critically acclaimed studio album “Tigermending”, British singer/songwriter Carina Round returns from a brief spell of touring and recording with her other musical endeavours Puscifer and Early Winters with a full-length remix album of its predecessor, the aptly titled “Tigermixes”. 

Collaborating with a host of talent from both her native England and resident US, “Tigermixes” is an exaggerated, re-imagination of Round’s skillfully crafted works, quite unlike any of her releases to date. Boasting the remix and production efforts of an eclectic cut of standout acts including: Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan and Mat Mitchell), Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), Phil Mossman (LCD Soundsystem) and personally selected underground and breakthrough talents, including members of Carina's musical family who worked closely on the making and touring of Tigermending, features re-workings of all eleven tracks from the original album, together with the physical release debut of the fan favourite bonus track “Got to Go” [2000 Years BC Remix] Feat. Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins).
Full tracklisting is as follows
01. Pick Up The Phone [The Swan Sisters Remix]
(remix by Sierra Swan and Planet Swan) 
02. The Last Time [Sonoio Remix]
(remix by Alessandro Cortini) 
03. Girl and the Ghost [Puscifer Remix]
(remix by Mat Mitchell)
04. You and Me [The Beta Machine Remix]
(remix by The Beta Machine)
05. Set Fire [Mang-Kon Remix]
(remix by Zac Rae)
06. You Will Be Loved [Curt Smith & The Reverend Charlton Pettus Remix]
(remix by Curt Smith and Charlton Pettus) 
07. Marcel Marcel/The Arrangement [Gary Go vs. Thorne Remix]
(Remix by Gary Go and Thorne)
08. Weird Dream [Avan Lava Remix]
(Remix by Ian Pai)
09. Mother’s Pride [Hillstromania Remix]
(Remix by Pelle Hillstrom)
10. The Secret of Drowning [Phil Mossman Remix]
(Remix by Phil Mossman)
11. Simplicity Hurts [Glitterous Remix] (www.glitterous.co.uk)
12. Go to Go [2000 Years BC Remix] Feat. Billy Corgan. 
(Remix by Dan Burns)
Download Card Bonus Track: The Last Time [Puscifer Remix]
(remix by Mat Mitchell)