written by: Carina Round


Windowsill, Paris, France
Cast a shadow of this chance
Hanging over Gare du Nord like I never asked for more
Statues on a building top
Stooping for the fire we got
Heart's new incantation

Your face bared to the sheer moonlight
Time flies and I'm hitching a ride.

Red lights, cars zoom past, New York had a heart attack
Screaming into a new world

Sunrise at Sacre Coeur, I turn to move into the church
Silence wraps around my head like everything I've never said
My heart is reeling, opening to let me in
New day's illumination

Will it rain then and drown this out?
I could die here and never be found out

Sweat freezes on my face
Moving forward from this place
Screaming into a new world

I'm not looking for answers at a time like this
I can feel this moment
For once let it come
Let it, oh God, let it come

Well, it's protect or sacrifice
Waste my time thinking twice
Redirect back to earth
I never knew less than a heartbreaker
Tore down monument
Never be the same again
My new destination

Drop down silhouette
Conscience fade to black
Burn out your blood so blessed in your military dress
Heaven's incandescent glow, honourable way to go
oh, I go screaming into a new world