Carina Round is well immersed into the music scene, which allows her to explore her own talent and creativity while receiving a lot of fine support and backing from such industry veterans as Brian Eno and Billy Corgan.

Through all the work that she’s done, her unique musical styling has been paired with rather artistic visualizations in both her music videos and live performances. It’s been strong bonds and friendships with such superb creative minds like photographer Kristin Burns and legendary artist Dave Stewart that have also helped Carina reach that next level in the brilliant work she does. “[It] was amazing. It was just like, explosions and pyrotechnics in this massive stadium and I just felt, “is this what shows are like?” says Carina of the first concert she ever attended.

A Metallica show her mother took her to at the age of twelve. Growing up in the city of Wolverhampton, England, Carina spent her childhood surrounded by music, which was always playing in their home. Her mother’s enthusiasm for music, in part portrayed by her massive Roxy Music collection which filled an entire bookshelf with bootleg concert recordings, would be an early backdrop for what would eventually become Carina’s career.  “My aunt and uncle were huge hair rockers they’d listen to stuff like Cinderella and KISS all the time. Just Before I was one year old they would set me in front of Head Bangers Ball or MTV Music and make me listen to what they considered heavy rock so there’s a little strain of that in my blood too.” 

Carina began opening for some fantastic local groups in the 90’s with a steady gig at an acoustic club which eventually led to Ryan Adams asking her to be his guest at his London shows. Carina would eventually support Coldplay at a music festival sometime after that. She would release two albums, First Blood Mystery and "e Disconnection, each sounding distinctly different from the other. Gradually she would gather the attention and friendship of some fantastic individuals who have only pushed her career through the roof.  

At one point in her career, her now longtime friend Dave Stewart would give her a backing track he’d done prior with Brian Eno and ask her to write some lyrics to accompany the sound. Stewart would send the finished track to Eno who would in turn reply with a letter saying how much he liked the end result. A feeling Carina would describe as “incredible.”  Eventually moving to L.A., Carina would find herself surrounded by the vast myriad of creative professionals she keeps close to herself and who in turn have aided her in various ways throughout her career, artistically or not. “I think it’s really important in your life when you find those kinds of people to hang onto them for dear life. Not just L.A., I think it’s important anywhere actually,” which is a good lesson for all of us. 

For her third album Slow Motion Addict, produced by Glen Ballard, Carina’s music would be released accompanied by a memorable series of videos which together would tell a story through the album’s distinct, often seducing, tones. “We did twelve episodes, short films to go with each song directed by this amazing director Jeffery Davies. We shot the whole thing in eleven days, which was fucking torture, but it was awesome. I got so many injuries during that thing. It was such a low budget thing. I had to fall back into swimming pools and get dragged through the desert. It was a challenging experience, but it was a lot of fun.”

For the last two years, Carina has toured with the band Puscifer and is currently doing so to promote her newest album Tigermending which comes out May 1st. During their performances, Carina will open for the band to perform her own material with members of Puscifer backing her on stage. Carina will then front for Puscifer during the main set and sing their material for the remainder of the show. A practice she feels is “absolutely exhausting,” as well as “a dream come true.”


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